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How to Navigate Around the Blog

Here is some information about how to navigate around the blog, definitions of pages and categories and useful tips:

  • At the top of the blog you will see three portfolios: AGGRESSIVE, CONSERVATIVE and INCOME. When you click on one of these you will see the current listing of stocks within each portfolio with the price and date when it was added, the Friday closing price and percentage change from when it was entered into the list. The INCOME portfolio also shows the current yield of each position. If I remove one of them, I will indicate it below along with the date. You can then scroll through the postings for that date and find out why it was removed.
  • You can also get “up-to-the-minute” price quotes and news on each stock in the list by clicking on the company name link. The link will open up a new tab/window to Yahoo! Finance.
  • TIP: On the right side of the page you will see Categories with a drop down box. One of which is “Stocks to Consider and Updates”. The subsets are again the three portfolios and updates. If you are only interested in one of them, let’s say “INCOME”, you can click on that sub category and only selections and updates within that portfolio will show up as previous posts.
  • The other Categories work the same way. Click on one and it will bring you to relevant pages.
  • TIP: Another neat way to navigate around the blog is to use the “Search” feature in the upper right corner. For example, if you type in “3M” and click “Search”, you will see all references for that particular company on one page. You can then click on one of the summary results and it will bring you to the detail posting(s) or the portfolio where it is listed. That saves a lot of scrolling around time as the blog expands.
  • Also to the right, I will have links to other sites, archives to get to older postings and a place to subscribe to the blog which will give you an optional email when there is an update to the blog.
  • Enjoy!

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