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Harris Corp. Receives $82 Million in Orders

HRSInternational communications and information technology company Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS – $73.82) said that it has received orders totaling $82 million from an undisclosed Asian government for its highly secure radio communication systems that enable enhanced command and control and real-time situational awareness. The nation’s armed forces are acquiring Falcon III RF-7800H wideband high-frequency and RF-7800V very-high-frequency radios in handheld, man-portable, vehicular and tactical base station configurations. These systems provide tactical networking to the edge of the battlefield, as well as interoperable line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight voice and data communications. Widely used by the U.S. Department of Defense, these systems allow forces to communicate securely and more immediately with their command structure, enabling improved informed decisions. Melbourne, Florida-based Harris will need to sell more of its products to foreign defense agencies, as the domestic budget for military equipment dwindles. The company also needs to become more aggressive in attracting orders in its other business segments such as healthcare systems, energy, aviation and maritime communications. The shares, yielding 2.3%, can be held in aggressive accounts.



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