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UPS to Invest $1.06 Billion in Europe

UPS    Not to be totally embarrassed by FedEx’s apparent win for Dutch package delivery firm TNT Express that United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS – $96.90) was not able to consummate in 2013, UPS plans to invest $1.06 billion in Europe to expand its package delivery network. The investment will increase the number of parcel shops and sorting centers in Germany and other key European markets. UPS has said it will not renew its bid for TNT that was turned down by EU regulators, citing anti-competitive concerns. While United Parcel, the world’s largest integrated air and ground package delivery carrier, has been an underperformer vs. the market and rival FedEx, long-term conservative accounts should do well to hold on to the shares for now. A transition to more e-commerce shopping, as well as new laws that encourage international trade, should bring investors decent risk-adjusted total returns out to late decade.


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