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Vanguard REIT Index Fund – Update

Vanguard   Since joining thebuttonwoodproject income list in February, 2014, the portfolio of the Vanguard REIT ETF (NYSE: VNQ – $82.71) has been reconfigured to keep in line with its tracking of the MSCI U.S. REIT Index. The fund’s top ten holdings now consist of the following positions, which make up approximately 38% of the total of the 139 real estate investment trusts it tracks:

Top 10

 In addition, the sector allocation has changed from last year and now the diversification by industry looks as follows:


Since entering the list last year, VNQ has advanced in price by 19% and has provided the income investor with an additional 3.53% in dividend distributions. The shares are off their highs for the year reaching $89.27 at the end of January, and can be negatively impacted with a rise in interest rates. However, for now, I am retaining the fund for continued, albeit slower, gains ahead and an above average payout.


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