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Diversification – Update

  It’s been awhile since I posted a chart of the diversification within the three portfolios and several changes have taken place since then. The conservative portfolio remains unchanged, but there have been some updates to the income and aggressive accounts. International Paper Co. – a basic materials sector choice –  has been recently added to both the income and aggressive portfolios joining Dow Chemical on the income list and Newmont Mining in the aggressive portfolio. IP replaced basic materials LyondellBasell which was removed from the aggressive portfolio in February of this year. Verizon Communications has left the telecom sector in the income account, but remains on the conservative list. Healthcare information technology choice Cerner Corp. and electronics provider Jabil Circuit were added to the technology sector replacing QUALCOMM and Manitowoc, which was in the industrial space.

       Here is a current view of the three accounts from on a sector-by-sector basis providing, what I believe to be, adequate diversification:

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