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Portfolio Change: FMI International Fund

       Effective April 30, 2017, the FMI International Fund (FMIJX – $31.57) will be closed to new investors. As was the case for the Oakmark International Fund in October, 2013 and the Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund in March, 2015, I am removing FMIJX so new readers will have an opportunity to fully participate in the coverage of the conservative portfolio. As were the two previous funds, I am sorry to see FMI International go, as it has appreciated 10.31% over the two years it was on the list, not including dividend distributions. In order to maintain some consistency for investors looking to expand their portfolio with exposure to global stocks in a well-diversified fund, I have decided to add an exchange traded alternative in its place: The WisdomTree International Equity Fund (NYSE: DWM – $49.41). Like most ETF’s, the position is passively managed tracking the price and yield performance of the WisdomTree International Equity Index, and is unlikely to be discontinued. I will provide more details on this selection in an upcoming post.

       NOTE: For those investors who own the FMI International Fund, you have the ability to continue holding your position, buy additional shares and can continue to take part in future share distributions to be added to your account, should you select that option. While I will no longer be covering FMIJX, shares can be maintained in a well-diversified conservative portfolio seeking exposure to foreign investments.

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