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WisdomTree International Equity Fund – Update

Shares of the WisdomTree International Equity Fund (NYSE: DWM – $48.86) have been virtually flat since entering the conservative list eighteen months ago. Including distributions, the ETF has returned about 1% to shareholders over the past year with foreign markets being hard pressed to show signs of meaningful growth as Brexit worries, a global economic slowdown and trade war fears continue to persist. The fund lost nearly 2.2% in Tuesday’s trading, alone. The fund seeks to track the price and yield performance of the WisdomTree International Equity Index which has gained about 1.6% over the past twelve-months, before fund fees and expenses. Currently the top ten holdings in DWM are as follows (including a 4% cash position):

 Note: Royal Dutch Shell PLC has
two classes of stock – Class A (1.26%) and Class B (1.19%)

By geographical region, the fund is divided as such:


       As noted below, the fund is heavily weighted in financials and industrials names:

       And in keeping with the index, DWM invests primarily in large capitalization stocks with a 13% exposure to mid-cap names:

       The fund currently maintains a four out of five-star rating from Morningstar and I am maintaining my 9% allocation for conservative investors looking for some high-quality foreign stock exposure.

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