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Income Portfolio – Allocation Update

I am making a few allocation changes to the income portfolio. I am increasing the share of the pie for CVS Health as they may be finally turning the corner and the shares are highly undervalued. CVS is bumped from 6% to 8%. Conversely, the cyclical nature of the chemical industry is taking its toll on giant LyondellBasell Industries. It had a rough second quarter and the global growth slowdown we are seeing does not bode well for the intermediate term. The recovery prospects for LYB remains intact and the 5.45% dividend helps the total return potential over the longer term. For now, however, LyondellBasell moves down three percentage points from 8% to 5%. Cisco Systems is doing quite well, but the shares are moving up in value and I am shaving the allocation from 10% to 9%. Likewise, Intel shares have had a decent run along with the entire semiconductor space, but trade tensions are not helping the group and INTC moves from 10% to 9% for now. The low interest rate environment we are seeing helps the real estate and utility sectors and therefore the Vanguard REIT exchange traded fund gets a boost from 6% to 8% and the Select SPDR Utility ETF moves from 7% to 8%. All other names on the list remain unchanged from the last update.

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