Stocks to Consider and Updates


It’s been almost a year since my last blog posting , but after twelve years. I am being forced to close out a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, a prolonged illness (not COVID) has taken its toll and continuing to provide meaningful market insights is no longer possible. I hope all of my loyal readers found thebuttonwoodpproject interesting and possibly rewarding. I used this platform as an educational tool for my classes at SUNY Orange, and I hopefully provided some education for my subscribers as well. Maybe someday I can resume this experience, but for now it’s no longer possible. thank you all for your kind words and questions over the years. I hope you will continue following the equities markets and put into practice what you may have learned here. Bob A.🙏

3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. I truly enjoyed your classes at Orange and your blog. I did put the lessons to good use. Thanks again, be well, dave

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