There is Still Time to Register!

 Continuing and Professional Education - Middletown Campus N9711 - Introduction to the Stock Market Part 1   -  Starting Wednesday, January 16. Learn the fundamentals of investing, the basic terminology of Wall Street, and move toward various approaches and strategies which can lead to successful investing.  Topics of discussion:  how companies become publicly traded; dividends; evaluating stocks; how… Continue reading There is Still Time to Register!

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What is a Hedge Fund?

One of my readers asked to explain the workings of a hedge fund. Hedge funds can take on several forms, but primarily they are a pool of various types of investments that are run through a limited partnership comprised of seasoned investors. Hedge funds can invest in many different strategies and the mix can be… Continue reading What is a Hedge Fund?


Question from a Reader

Good question. Frank from New Jersey asks: “Why doesn’t the WisdomTree International Equity Fund have any investments in the U.S.”? Mutual funds, including indexes that are tracked by exchange traded funds, such as DWM, that invest in foreign assets are divided into two groups: Global Funds and International Funds. Global funds include not only foreign… Continue reading Question from a Reader


There’s Still Room – Don’t Miss Out

    Introduction to the Stock Market:        Fundamentals of investing. Basic Terminology, evaluating and minimizing risk through diversification, market news and financial information. Each student will learn through an individual case study. Three - 2 hour sessions. Course Number: N9711 OA Wednesdays - 6/21-7/5   7-9pm   $35 Middletown Campus - Rowley Center for… Continue reading There’s Still Room – Don’t Miss Out